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About us

Experience the best in car service with TechNation! Locally owned and operated. From general maintenance to repairs, you can trust us to provide the most reliable service - and we come to you!

The ASE Certified Technicians (Mechanics) from your local repair shops and dealerships, sign up with us to perform mechanical repairs and scheduled maintenance needed for your vehicles on their spare time. The benefit to the customer is that you will receive the same quality work, quality parts and warranties at almost half the price you would pay at a local repair facility.

The reason there's so much savings is because we don't have the cost that accumulates when having an actual facility to do the repairs. For example, the big fancy repair shop, shuttle cars and bills to run those facilities. These expenses are what inflate the price you pay for parts and labor.

Wouldn't you rather save your hard earned money for other things in your life?

Well that's the soul purpose of why we created TechNation LLC. We want to save you the hassle of taking that trip to get over charged for the services you may or may not need. We provide the same ASE Certified Technicians (mechanics) that any other automotive company will. They will come to you at your home or business to do any repairs within their capability for almost half the cost, and you won't have to interrupt your daily routine.

Our mission is to SAVE you money and most importantly, TIME which is the one thing you can never get back!

Meet The Founder

Robert Hernandez

Robert Hernandez

Founder & CEO

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Our Services

- Check Engine, ABS, & Airbag Light Diagnostic

- A/C Repair

- Brakes

- Steering & Suspension

- Starting & Charging Repair

- General Maintenance

Operating Hours


7AM - 7PM

Mailing Address

1001 S. Dairy Ashford Ste. 100-150

Houston, TX 77077

Contact Us

Tel: 281-800-8001

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